E-WIN Massage Gun Review

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This is a fairly new product and its design and functionality is no different from the rest of the deep tissue massage guns that we have reviewed on our website. 

That being said, E-win massage gun works as expected and comes with multiple attachments heads; each intended to be used on a specific area of the body and to serve a specific purpose. We have been using it for a few weeks now and we are pretty happy with its overall build quality. The gun is comfortable to use and has decent battery life. We haven’t used all of the massage heads but the ones we have used are quite effective for relieving muscle tension and lactic acid buildup. 

Honestly, none of our team members are athletes or bodybuilders. We are fitness enthusiasts just like you. Plus, just like you, we too do not have an extravagant budget for home gym, which is why we highly recommend this E-win massage gun for people who do not want a $400+ Theragun percussion massage tool. 

In this article, we will provide you with our detailed review of the E-win massage gun. We will also provide you with a thorough comparison of various massage guns, including the E-win one so you can decide which one suits you the best. 

Let's begin our E-win massage gun review by looking at some of its key features and specifications.

Key features of E-win massage gun

Instruction manual
  • Weight- 2.2 lbs 
  • Dimensions-  9.6” X 7.6” X 3” 
  • Has three different speed settings.
  • Comes with a protective carrying case.
  • Has 8 different attachment heads: 
    • Dampener head– It is a very soft ball-shaped massage head suitable for vibration therapy. Can be used all over the body but is mostly meant for sensitive areas.  
    • Standard ball– It is the most commonly used head, suitable for post-workout recovery and relaxation. 
    • Cone head– Suitable for pin-point massage i.e. trigger point therapy. 
    • Air cushioning soft head: As obvious, it is cushioned enough to protect your sensitive tissues and yet provide them with adequate relaxation. 
    • Thumb head: designed to mimic the thumb of a therapist, this is also suitable for trigger point therapy. 
    • U-shaped attachment: suitable for neck, spine, and shoulders, etc. 
    • Wedge head: Mostly recommended for shoulder and IT bands but, in general, it is great for all large muscle groups
    • Super soft attachment: meant for sensitive areas 

The manufacturer hasn’t provided any details regarding the stroke depth or the number of strokes per minute. 

The LED screen displaying the speed setting of E-Win massage gun
The LED screen of E-win massage gun

Both of them are significant features because they help you understand how intense the massage will be. For example; the Theragun massage gun has a stroke depth of 16mm i.e. its massage head goes 16mm back and forth during the massage. 16mm is quite deep and suitable for intense massage sessions, mostly required by fitness freaks and athletes who get severely sore at the end of the day. 

Some inexpensive percussion massage tools such as the Exogun Massage Gun too provide 16 mm stroke depth but most budget massage guns such as the Homech Massage Gun have a stroke depth of 12mm, which is also enough for moderate to intense massage sessions. 

We compared the E-win massage gun with the Exogun one and we believe both of them have the same stroke depth of 16 mm. The strokes per minute may vary though. Exogun massage gun provides 3200 percussions per minute and has 6 different speed settings. The E-win massage gun, however, has just 3 massage speeds and the percussion would not be more than 2400 per minute, which is not excellent yet pretty decent for the price. 

Get a relaxing massage with 60lbs force 

The force with which the massage heads of the gun hit your body also decides the intensity of the massage. As obvious, the stronger the force is the more intense the massage will be. 

Affordable massage guns such as the Homech Massage Gun and Chiro Gun provide a massage with 30lbs force, which is suitable for light to moderate massage. If you are an athlete or someone who loves a really strong massage, you should go with Theragun that has a power of 60lbs.

Don’t have Theragun’s budget?

Don’t worry; the E-win massage gun has got you covered. It and Exogun Massage Gun are the only two deep tissue massage guns that work with 60lbs force (as per our knowledge).  

Design and build 

what we got in the box

As you can see in our E-win massage gun review video above, it is a well-built product; better than the cheaper alternatives like Exogun. 

The handle is ergonomically designed and has a good grip, so you can comfortably use it for an hour or longer if needed. Being lightweight, it is easy to hold and use with just one hand. 

It has three speed settings, as mentioned above, and the settings can be changed by using the touch button located on the small LCD panel. There is a power on/off button, which is usually missing in the cheaper massage guns. 

The attachment heads are also of decent quality. They do not have any sharp edges that could cut or scratch your skin. Although there are 8 different heads, you would hardly use more than 3 or 4 of them because most of them do the same thing. 

That’s a pretty common thing with most massage guns. They often come with too many attachment heads, each claiming to have its own purpose but, in the end, it all gets so confusing that you end up using just the standard ball and the bullet head or max the U-shaped one. 

8 hours battery life is amazing 

Chirogun has a battery life of 6 hours. Homech percussion massage guns can last for 4 hours on a single charge. The most expensive options like Theragun can be used for just 2 hours, which is disappointing because it comes with such a heavy price tag. 

E-Win, however, claims that its Prime Fascia gun has a battery life of 8 hours! That’s unbelievable! We are not sure if it’s true but we have been using it for a week now and there is still a decent amount of charge left. 

There is a battery indicator that shows you how much charge is left. 

It is as quiet as an electric toothbrush 

That’s what the manufacturer claims and we agree. 

The max volume generated by this gun is 45Db, so you can use it while watching TV without being disturbed. Exogun massage gun on the other hand generated about 70 Db sound. Chirogun too is loud with 60 Db noise. 

Most massage guns are pretty loud and may disturb others in the room, especially if your kids are sleeping. 

Doesn't have an auto shut-off feature

The power button of E-win massage gun
The power button of E-win massage gun

As we have mentioned in our E-Win massage gun video review, it doesn’t have an auto shut-off feature. If you forget to switch it off, you will run out of battery. But, this isn’t a deal breaker because most massage guns and even numerous other products that we have at home do not come with an auto shut-off feature. The only massage gun that has it is the Homech Gun. 

Wondering if the E-Win massage gun is effective? 

Well, you need to try it yourself and decide. 

There is no dearth of massage tools and almost all of them have got rave reviews and feedback. But, a tool that you love the most might not work for your partner or friend. That’s pretty common. 

Every person has a specific massage need and a tool that caters to that need tends to become his/her favorite. So, it is not uncommon for people to reject top-rated massage guns as junks. 

For example; a New York Times article claims that the $30 Black and Decker Polisher/Sander is a more effective massage tool than a $400+ Theragun. Numerous famous personalities have also made similar claims. There are numerous forums and threads where people are discussing how and why it is a full-body massage tool. 

Now, so many people can’t be lying right? So, we thought of trying it out. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for us. But, it has worked for thousands of people. 

It is all about personal choice. E-win massage gun serves our purpose but you should not go by our words. Try it out and see how it works for you. 

Our Rating: 4/5

We are giving this a rating of 4 out of 5.0.

Wrap up: 

Let's be honest; the E-win massage gun deserves a better rating. But, it is a fairly new product and hasn’t been tested thoroughly by buyers. We have used it for a few weeks but we would still wait for feedback from other users and then, if needed, we will update our rating and review. 

Did you know you can make your own massage gun

It will cost you around $125 and the final product will be as good as Theragun or the likes. So, if you need a rather strong, athletic-type massage that E-Win can’t provide, the DIY process is worth the effort. 

Don’t worry, the process is rather easy and suitable even for people who have absolutely no knowledge od DIYing. 

What if you don’t want a massage gun? 

You still have hundreds of options to explore. 

If you love rolling massages, we highly recommend the RAD Roller Helix Myofascial Release Tool because it comes with a groove for the spine. MOBO MAX Massage Stick Roller is good for myofascial release as well as for trigger point therapy but it is a bit pricey. 5BILLION Peanut Massage Ball is the cheapest yet highly effective rolling-type massage tool. Vibrating foam rollers such as the Epitomie Fitness VIBRA are also quite popular but somehow we don’t like them much. 

Trigger point therapy is also an excellent way to get rid of lactic acid buildup and post-workout fatigue. We have reviewed a number of trigger point massage tools on our website. Our favorites are Thera Cane Massager and KOA Elite Fascia Massage Tool because they are highly versatile. But, you may check out Davinci Tool and LOCKEROOM Pocket Physio MAX. You never know they might be just the perfect ones for you. 

Do check out PSO-Spine and PSO-RITE if you are looking for something exclusively for the back. 

We will soon be reviewing other popular myofascial release tools. Keep reading our website for the latest and honest products reviews and recommendations.