Dr. Motion Graduated Compression Socks Review

Do you work on your feet all day, never taking time to rest? Maybe, you have joined the local gym and want to become a weightlifter.  Or better yet, you have a home gym. 

The results can be tired, swollen feet, and ankles. The use of compression socks keeps the blood flowing, reduces swelling, and helps maintain a bounce in your step.  

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Sitting idle for long hours on end can be hard on your body too. It can lead to dangerous health conditions. Doctors recommend using compression socks to reduce the chances of blood clots, relieve swelling, and improve circulation.  

What makes Dr. Motion Graduated Compression Socks stand out above the rest?

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They Stay up!

A graduated compression sock is a sock designed to have more compression at the ankle and less at the calf. They are used to reduce edema. The problem is most compression socks tend to roll down and not stay up. Staying up is NOT a problem with Dr. Motion Compression Socks The non-binding, comfort band construction keeps these socks from rolling down. With a compression rate of 8-15mm, they STAY UP. 

But yet, they are not so tight that they are uncomfortable. 

Lightweight and Easy to Put on!

Made of lightweight, comfortable materials, Dr. Motion Graduated Compression Socks are similar to trouser socks with a little spandex. They are easier to put on compared to other compression socks on the market. Don’t let this design fool you. These compression socks are very good at doing their job, compressing the ankle, and foot while not cutting off circulation. You can feel the swelling start to diminish as soon as you put them on. Furthermore, your feet will sweat less with these socks than they do with other compression socks. 

Your Toes are not squished!

The compression in Dr. Motion Compression Socks is focused on the ankle. The toes area has no compression, so your toes aren’t squished together. Also, you won’t have to worry about the material at the toes bunching up.  

Multiple sizes and colors available.

Dr. Motion Compression knee-hi socks come in a four-pack. 

The sizes available are women’s sizes 4-10. They come in standard white, but there are also some nice patterns available.  

Our Final Thoughts

There are multiple brands of compression socks on the market. We highly recommend Dr. Motion Compression Socks. Whether you work on your feet all day, are an active athlete, or facing long periods of idleness, you can rely on the comfort and performance of these compression socks. We especially like how they stay up and don’t roll down. The lightweight material is a bonus. Dr. Motion has made their Graduated Compression socks available in many sizes and multiple patterns. We think these socks will benefit anyone with an issue of swollen, achy feet, and ankles.