Concept2 Model D Rower Review

Exercise is imperative for our well-being, of that there isn’t any doubt. Rowing exercises are very beneficial.  This is basically a cardio workout that is great for your arms, legs, and core. It is similar to the activity of rowing that is done while you are sitting in a boat. This exercise allows you to burn fat while also significantly strengthening the muscles of the abdominal area. The overall result that you can acquire from this exercise is a muscular and ripped midsection of your body and a very strong back.

The Concept2 Model D is a step in the right direction with regard to exercising. In short, it is a product that is profoundly beneficial for exercise enthusiasts. We’re mentioning this because we have done the legwork for you, and without any further ado, let’s get to know about that in-depth:

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This is a Concept2 Model D Rower
This is a Concept2 Model D Rower

The Concept 2 Model D comes from a brand that is famous for making long-lasting and durable machines. This model has been made to last a long time and is solid in construction and function. The fact that this machine has been constructed while also keeping ergonomics in mind makes it even more appealing. Moreover, the Model D is the perfect tool for engaging in profound toning and cardio workouts as its seat is quite comfortable. It also embraces the nickel-plated chain for a smooth and easy workout. Model D delivers a well-synchronized workout with its well-organized mechanics and effective distribution of force.


Dimensions of a Concept2 Model D Rower
Dimensions of a Concept2 Model D Rower
  • The Height of the Model D is about 24”
  • The Length of the Model D is about 96”
  • The Width of the Model D is about 14”

Key Features

  • Provides precise and very thorough training feedback with its large PM5 Performance Monitor
  • The Monitor Arm is adjustable
  • Thanks to the Flywheel and Spiral Damper, you can adjust the resistance.
  • The seat movement is smooth due to an Aluminum rack that is capped with stainless steel track
  • Has a well-adjusted and comfortable handle
  • The included fan emits a minimum amount of noise as it is engineered well to do so
  • You can quickly release the Frame Lock.
  • You can store it easily as it separates into two pieces
  • The wheels attached for transportation purpose are caster wheels
  • The apparatus is powered by a Battery

PM5 Monitor Features

PM5 Monitor Features of the Concept2 Model D Rower
PM5 Monitor Features of the Concept2 Model D Rower
  • Contains USB and LogCard Cable for attaching with a computer so that you can access the LogCard data for downloading data related to workout
  • Shows SPM (Strokes per Minute)
  • Can also show covered distance
  • Shows burned calories
  • Contains a meter for reading pulse rate
  • Shows Heart Rate as well
  • You can even play games on it as well

A More Comfortable Seat

Some people have complained that the seat of the Concept 2 is a bit too hard for some people. If that is the case then you can actually get a padded cushion for it.


  • The warranty for the frame extends to 5 years
  • The warranty for parts in Model D is 2 years

Final Thoughts:

Model D isn’t a cheap machine and you should know this. But still, it will give you all the value back and more so you shouldn’t hesitate when it comes to price. This is an excellent machine and does the job in a manner that is palpably effective and incredible. If you are going to be investing in home exercise equipment, then you won’t do any better than the Concept 2 Model D. 


Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Recommendation: Buy it if you want an affordable-ish rower and like rowing.
Pros: Great for the core and upper back. Relatively decent price compared to other higher-end options
Cons: Takes up a lot of space! Warranty leaves something to be desired.
Summary: If you are going to be investing in home exercise equipment, then you won’t do any better than the Concept 2 Model D Rower to get you started!