Can you Deadlift Twice a Week or Is It Too Much?

Deadlifts are a great exercise if you’re looking to build your back muscles and lower body, such as the legs and hips. Since it is so effective in working up the larger muscle groups, many people wonder if they should deadlift twice a week or more for maximum results. 


Like with any other thing done in excess, increasing the frequency of deadlifts can be like looking for trouble for your body, as it is not an easy exercise. Deadlifts take a lot of your strength. If you’re just starting out or you are even at an intermediate level, increased frequency of deadlifts can lead to sore muscles and muscle injury. 

So what is the ideal frequency for deadlifts and can you deadlift twice a week or is it too much? Let’s find out. 

Volume Versus Frequency 

There is no straightforward answer to the question of whether you can deadlift twice a week. It depends on the volume and frequency that people can manage and other things related to training. Some people are able to deadlift quite easily twice a week but for others, it may be impossible.

Some people may also deadlift just once a month depending on their training plan. However, the main reason for fatigue in training is volume. Volume refers to the load you lift in the total reps you do. 

Numerous studies suggest that an increase in the frequency of deadlifts can increase strength. However, if the volume is equated then it was found that there is no difference in strength gains whatever the frequency of training

This means that a higher frequency of deadlifts can increase strength but it may necessarily not be because of training more days but simply doing more volume. 

Someone who trains lesser days with more volume is just as good and strong as someone who wants to deadlift more days with lesser volumes. 

Another way to put things into perspective is considering the load you are lifting. Deadlifting twice a week should be okay as long as the load you lift is less than 225 lb. Anything more than that is only an invitation to trouble for your body in the name of plateaus and fatigue. 

How Can you Deadlift Twice a Week?

As mentioned above, you can deadlift twice a week and it may even be more beneficial if you are willing to switch things up in either of the sessions. You can go heavy in one session and work between 1 to 5 reps. In the other session, you can consider doing more reps, between 8 to 10 but with lighter weights. 

strength and endurance training
strength and endurance training

Doing deadlifts twice a week in this way, by switching things up will help you build your endurance and increase your strength. Alternatively, it will also help you progress faster to your goal of adding more weights to your deadlift. 

Don’t forget to search for the best deadlift platform to use if you’re using heavyweights. It helps provide protection if you are lifting more than 200 lb among other benefits. Most importantly a deadlift platform helps protect the equipment and prevent injuries. 

You can also consider building a weightlifting platform yourself that you can tweak according to your needs. However, it can take a significant amount of your time and money to do so. 

Other Things to Consider 

Other things that you should consider when deciding for yourself whether you can deadlift twice a week or not, are your personal preferences, strength training goals, and the frequency of other lifting exercises you may be doing alongside.

Strength training goals differ from lifter to lifter and you should be clear about what you’re trying to achieve. Your goals can include things like maintaining a specific lift, developing maximum strength, focusing on hypertrophy, or improving on a specific technique. 

Whatever goals you set for yourself, you must enjoy what you're doing at the end of the day and set your eyes on the results that will come in the long run. This includes evaluating the things that are aligning with your personal preferences and goals and those that aren’t. You should be able to change things up in your training if something isn’t working for you. 

Lastly, you should consider other high-frequency lifts you may or may not be doing which can affect your overall progress, volume, and frequency of deadlifts. 

For instance, squatting targets the same muscle group, more or less. So if you want to increase the frequency of your deadlifts, then you must consider the frequency of squatting that you’re doing and adjust accordingly. 

Wrap Up 

As a lifter, you may have different goals for yourself than others and only you know your body best. Whether you deadlift twice a week or not, make sure your body is not fatigued at the end of the day. 

Start with the minimum you can manage (in terms of frequency and volume) and gradually work your way up for the maximum benefit.