BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat Review

Just like home gym equipment, exercise mats, and floor protection mats are also in demand these days. This is why the prices of home gym protective flooring have soared up during the pandemic. There are high chances that you could fall in for a cheaper, low-quality product that wouldn't last long. 

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Before you order floor protection tiles for your home gym, make sure you do thorough research and buy something that has been trusted and verified by thousands of people. Balance From Puzzle Exercise Mat is one such product that thousands of buyers swear by. Numerous buyers have claimed that this exercise mat holds up pretty well and provides adequate floor protection. It is not an absolutely perfect flooring solution for home gym but it is still one of the best options you can find.

In this blog, we will brief you about this floor protective solution in detail so you can confidently decide if it deserves to be a part of your home gym. To begin with, let's look at its key features.

Features and specifications of Balance From Puzzle Exercise Mat 

  • Thickness- ½”, ¾”, and 1″
  • Color options- black, blue, gray
  • Coverage area- 24 square feet to 96 square feet. You can club multiple sets together to cover your desired area of any size. 
  • Material- high-density EVA foam. The manufacturer claims that their exercise mat is made of non-toxic, phthalate-free material
  • Water-resistant 
  • Has excellent shock and noise absorbing capacity to minimize disturbances to others

A detailed review of Balance From puzzle exercise mat 


The durability of these BalanceFrom exercise mat depends on how and for what purpose you are using them. The manufacturer claims that these tiles are suitable for gym floors and home gym floors but hasn’t mentioned what type of exercises they can be used for. The buyers have, however, stated that they are good for floor work only such as cardio, yoga, etc. They will not last long if you use them for free weights. 

Many buyers have stated that they got holes and dents even when they just dropped a 10 lbs plate. They get easily compressed by weights. Otherwise, they are quite durable and long-lasting. 


Numerous buyers have confirmed that this home gym flooring solution has helped protect their floor and provided them adequate cushioning and traction for their workouts. 

A few buyers have, however, stated that these exercise tiles slip a bit on the hardwood floor but don't really make you feel unsafe. 

The manufacturer claims that their exercise mats are precision cut with interlocking puzzle pieces that help them stay together. However, some buyers have stated that these tiles do come apart more easily than you may expect. If you want to use them for cardio exercises such as burpees and mountain climbers, you may have to tape them on the backside because their natural interlocking design isn’t very effective for such exercises. But, please note that using duct tape can make them slippery. 

Ease of use 

BalanceFrom puzzle exercise mats are easy to assemble and take off. They lock well and can be reshaped if required. 

These foam tiles have excellent sound and shock absorption capacities. Can you believe one buyer actually used it to cover his floor for his New Year party so their neighbors below won't get disturbed and it worked! People have also used them to create a sound-proof floor for their studios. Although this has nothing to do with exercises, such feedback makes it pretty clear that these home gym flooring mats will help you do your workout any time without disturbing other members of your family. 

Shipping and delivery 

There are mixed responses from customers regarding the shipping and delivery of this product. A few of them received their order on time whereas many others had to wait for over a month. Some of them even tried to cancel their order due to delays but didn’t get an option. Mostly, these exercise mats were packed and delivered properly. 


  • This BalanceFrom Puzzle exercise mat has its own set of flaws that are listed below and yet, most buyers decided to keep it instead of returning. This is because of its affordable price. The other options available in this price range do not provide enough cushion and traction, which defies their purpose. 
  • This set of EVA exercise mat comes with enough edge pieces to achieve a neat and complete look. You can also easily cut them with a knife if needed
  • The tear-off edging helps you create your own layout. 
  • Can be washed if needed. Perfect for hygiene conscious fitness enthusiasts and for those who hate sweaty smell that the mats would start eliminating after a few use. 
  • BalanceFrom exercise mat serves its purpose of protecting the floor pretty well, irrespective of the thickness you choose.


  • Color inconsistencies have often been reported. One set may be darker than the other one. These inconsistencies are minor ones and can be ignored unless you are too specific about the looks. 
  • Not just color, the texture too varies in different packs, which does affect the overall aesthetic appeal of the setup.  
  • A few buyers have stated that the thickness of the mats vary slightly. The variation is minor and does not pose a tripping hazard. 
  • Some buyers have complained that a few of the tiles come with manufacturing defects, including dents, scratches, and small holes. 
  • The customer service team isn’t very prompt and reachable. Many buyers have experienced unanswered calls and unreplied emails. 

Our Rating: 4.6/5

Our Verdict: 

More than 90% of buyers of BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mats have rated them 4 stars and above on Amazon. Unquestionably, they are one of the best home gym flooring options despite their cons listed above. However, please note that they are suitable only for bodyweight exercises, cardio, and other types of workout that do not require free weights such as squatting. BalanceFrom exercise mats are inexpensive and yet, they are thicker and provide better cushioning than other competitive options.