Adidas Men’s Power Perfect III Cross Trainer Review

Wondering if the Adidas Men's Power Perfect III Cross Trainer weight lifting Shoe is any good!? Read on to find out.

I hate to speak badly of a product. But you have to know this site is not about sugar coating things. We don’t fuck around with our reviews and are not like other sites. We tell it like it is.

To sum up this entire review in one sentence: This is a solid mid-level weight lifting shoe that is usually priced at around $100 USD. I think you should skip this shoe this though.

Why? I think if you spend a little bit more you can get a much lighter and more amazing feeling shoe in the adidas Men's Adipower.

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adidas Men's Power Perfect III. Cross Trainer
adidas Men's Power Perfect III. Cross Trainer

So I feel like I may be being a bit hard on this shoe because at this point I've tried so many different weightlifting shoes. However, I really do feel like there are better options out there for your money.

 This shoe just doesn't excite me as much as its older brother the adidas Men's Adipower does. And if you check on Amazon you can get the adidas Men's Adipower at almost the same price that this one is listed at.

After trying the Adipower I was left feeling like this shoe was bulky, heavy, and not priced properly for the current market.

 If you're looking for a cheaper shoe here's a link to the Reebok Men's Lifter Pr Cross-trainer Shoe we just reviewed.

So my recommendation for this one is to skip it for now unless there's simply no better option in your Market.


Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Recommendation: Buy if you can't get the adidas Men's Adipower
Pros: Looks decent. Okay price.
Cons: Feels bulky compared to higher priced competitors. Feels heavy when compared to other shoes.
Summary: A Solid weightlifting shoe overshadowed by its amazing older brother!