8 Reasons to Squat

One of the best exercises to perform is the squat. This total body exercise is amazing for the body and can be performed at any level of your fitness journey. It is highly effective because it involves a compound movement, working numerous muscles and joints simultaneously.

Squats primarily target the lower body. Some of the muscles involved in the movement are the gluteal muscle group, the quadriceps group, the hamstring muscle group, and the flexor group. At the same time, squats engage the hips, core muscles, and lower back, as well as forearms and grip when you are holding dumbbells by your side.

The following are some of the numerous benefits associated with the squat:

  • Fat Loss: Being that it is a compound exercise and multiple muscles are involved simultaneously, it helps you burn more fat.
  • Multi-functional: Squats help improve strength, endurance, agility, and even your posture.
  • Aesthetics: They improve your body composition, sculpting your legs and giving you that nicely rounded look to your glutes.
  • Hypertrophy: Squats promote an anabolic environment, helping you to build leg and glute muscle.
  • Flexibility: A set of squats involving full range of motion improves your flexibility, which helps prevent injuries and tightness.
  • Growth Hormone: This powerful move increases growth hormone, which helps to keep you young and strong. It increases vitality and facilitates protein synthesis, as well as a higher metabolism.
  • Overall Wellness: Squats work your cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems, helping to keep you healthy, prevent disease, and improve your mood.
  • Versatility: Squats can be performed anywhere and anytime. You can start by using your own weight – so, no equipment is necessary. Yet, as you advance, you can squat with kettlebells, dumbbells, a barbell, or the Smith machine.

How to Perform Squats Properly

Model: Selina Selke by Sven Mieke
  1. Stand tall with your back straight, chest open shoulders back, and core tight.
  2. Position your feet shoulder-width apart and pointed about 15 degrees outwards.
  3. Look straight ahead and descend down, moving your butt backward as if you are about to sit.
  4. Make sure that your knees don’t pass your toes.
  5. The weight should be on your heels, not on the ball of your feet.
  6. Push the weight up, maintaining good posture, and heading toward the starting position. 
  7. Repeat.

The squat is one of the best exercises that you have in your arsenal. Incorporate it into your routine at least once a week in order to burn more fat, increase strength and endurance, sculpt your lower body, and keep healthy and young-looking.

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